Music Review Hub- Steps to be Noted

Step 1: Choosing Your Guitar
Since you’re starting out, probably the guitar you have in mind is the one your favorite guitar player owns; That guitar’s usually pretty expensive! We recommend starting with a budget guitar, depending on your commitment you may not need anything fancier. musicreviewhub┬áis an excellent resource for this.

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There are a lot of knock-off guitars that are available at very decent prices, and you don’t have to buy the first one you lay your eyes on, shop around and try to get the best deal out of it. Craigslist and eBay are great spots to start looking.

Guitar shapes are endless, try to pick the most comfortable for you, I’d suggest Les Paul or Stratocaster shaped guitars, they are very comfortable and since at first you’re mostly gonna play whilst sitting down, you don’t want something like a V shaped guitar, which works better if your standing up.

A lot off well known guitar companies make a starters package for beginners; they include a guitar, an amp, cables, a strap and a tuner so this could be a great starting spot!

Step 2: Your Strings
Preferably start out with a light gauge set of strings (a set of 9’s for example) till your fingers develop calluses and work your way into sets of 10’s or 11’s depending on the music you’re playing, whether you’re gonna be down tuning your guitar etc.

String Maintenance is also important (see more in the FAQ section), you should change your strings when they don’t stay in tune anymore or if you notice a dip in your sound quality.

You should always clean your strings after you play, wipe off the strings with a cloth to get rid of the sweat and any other grease or dirt, this will ensure they last a much longer time.

Step 3: GET A TUNER!
This is crucial for any guitar player especially for beginners. Your guitar should always be in tune if you want to develop a good ear and to be able to hear the right sound when you hit a specific chord.

Step 4: Your Pick
If you’re into rock/metal music, start off with a heavy gauge pick like the Fender Heavy, this is the most fitting pick for that purpose. You can experiment until you find what you like best. The good news is these are fairly cheap.

Step 5: Your Amp
Practicing at home doesn’t need more than a 15W practice amp, there are many types; some of which have gain built in them, others have other effects like reverb, delay and chorus. Get the one you like and don’t go for huge combo amps or anything similar because it’s just too early for that.

Step 6: Your Effects
You’ll find yourself wanting to add some color to your sound, you have an endless variety of stomp boxes to choose from, shop around and get what you like. A lot of music stores will let you sample prior to buying so make sure you shop around.

The other alternative for stomp boxes is multi effects units, which are basically a collection of stomp boxes jammed up into one unit. They are not as easy to use however you will save a bundle buying only one rather then 10 stomp boxes.