Green Home Options Like Solar Panels-Fundametals Explained

Many of us have wondered at one time or another if there was some sort of renewable energy we could utilize at home to help cut costs from our electric provider. You hear about things like solar panels all the time on television and the radio, but have you ever REALLY considered using solar panels at home? Probably not. The average guy (or girl) hears about something cool like solar panels and thinks “I wish I could do that at home, but there’s no way”, or “That’d be great if I could afford it!”. Well, with advancements in technology lately, it’s becoming more and more common for the average person to make this dream into a reality. There are people worldwide that now use renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, to save money on electrical costs or completely eliminate them. Get the facts about  the benefits of solar installation  see this.

When deciding exactly how you want to turn your home into an energy efficient money saver, you can think of your two major options – solar energy and wind energy. Today, I’ll mainly be discussing the solar energy aspect of things. Wind energy using wind turbines is a great option, but it can be geographically challenging if you don’t live in an area that receives a lot of wind. Areas around the coast usually get good wind, and flat land areas. Mountainous areas get much less wind that average. So, if you’re in the right area, wind turbines might be perfect for you! If not, then your best option is solar.

If you were to look into some of the do-it-yourself kits from companies such as Westinghouse, they have quite some nice systems. In these kits, they’ll send you the amount of solar panels you need for the size of your roof as well as the mounts to mount them on the roof and all the wiring needed to wire all the panels together and down to your electrical box. These kits usually arrive pretty quickly and the instructions make it possible for virtually anybody to figure out how to do it. If you’re considering going this route, you do need a large initial investment – usually in the range of $7,500-$15,000 for everything. I’ve been told a lot of states, like California, currently have grants right now to promote green energy solutions for residents of the state. You could get up to half of your solar panel system paid for simply for deciding to go green! If even after the possibility of government grants for your system you still can’t afford, there are still much more affordable options available to you, but it requires a little more work on your part.

If being cost effective is important to you, then you’re going to want to look into building your own solar panels at home. To some, this may sound overwhelming and you may worry because of your lack of experience in such a field, but I’m here to let you know those shouldn’t be concerns of yours. Most people who do build their own have little to no experience in doing so, they just have access to important videos to show them the process. There are a few real good companies out there that have instructional videos for building solar panels and they are WELL worth the price. You’ll be able to watch the entire process, from start to finish, over the shoulder of someone well trained in the field. Each step is explained in great detail and it’s easy to keep up with. Just make sure you purchase the right video set, there are some out there that aren’t worth the money due to lack of detail in the videos.

So if you’re interested in going green, as well as saving a bunch of money each month from electrical costs, you should look into the green energy solutions we discussed here. Figure out exactly what route is good for you financially and get started! Don’t keep paying those ridiculous electrical bills when you have greener solutions all around.