Equipment For Powder Coating-Things To know

Image result for equipment for powder coatingAs an alternative to conventional wet paint solvents, powder coating provides an environmentally and friendly method of applying paint. When applying conventional ‘wet’ paints solvents are added to the paint to make it a liquid which in turn allows it to become sticky which in turn allows it to stick to the surface of the required article or object. Powder coatings work in a completely different way as only the ‘solids’ are sprayed or applied to the article in the form of an atomised powder spray. An electrostatic charge is applied to the powder during spraying and this allows the powder to be drawn to the product. Once the article is sufficiently covered, the article along with the powder coating is heated in an oven to around 200 degrees centigrade. This causes the layer of powder to fuse and melt onto the article and forms a resilient smooth tough coating. The application of powder coating has many benefits and just some of these are: High quality, The process is suitable for automation, Recoverability.If you wish to learn more about this, visit equipment for powder coating  

The high quality of a powder coated product is instantly recognisable. It is smooth in appearance and protects the article by forming a sealed skin of paint around it which greatly reduces the effects of corrosion and provides good scratch resistance properties. Labour requirements are reduced due to the ease with which the process can be proficiently automated. The use of powder allows any over spraying to be easily collected and re-used in automated systems. Conventional ‘wet’ paint spraying can waste as much as 50% when being applied and is not recoverable. Powder coating can help make huge savings because the excess powder can easily be collected and then re-applied to another product.

To apply powder coatings successfully there are two main pieces of equipment that must be employed: Spray booth, Curing oven. A spray booth allows over spray to be safely transported or ventilated away from the operators, and reclaims the powder for re-use. A curing oven is needed to place the coated articles in which are then heated to fuse the powder onto the product.