Drinking Chocolate Milk: Secrets Revealed

Your kids (or the kid in you) will love this. New research finds that drinking chocolate milk after working out helps your endurance and muscle building, reduces fat and appears to improve performance.have a peek at this web-site drinking chocolate.

Image result for Vegan Drinking Chocolate Explained This delicious drink has the right mix of carbs and protein according to researchers. When you’re recovering from a workout, there are a couple of things you need to do to help your body – replace stores of sugar in the muscles, and switch on protein synthesis to stop its breakdown. Low fat chocolate milk does both, and in a truly delectable package too. The chocolate milk won out against two other options tested – no calorie drink and a carb drink without protein.
In one of the two projects, the researchers had 10 fit and trained cyclists work out for 2 hours.Then they drank either the low-fat chocolate milk, the carb or the calorie-free drink afterward, and again after two hours.
After 4 hours, the subjects completed cycling time trial. Cyclists who got the chocolate milk completed the time trials much faster, shaving 6 minutes from their time when consuming the chocolate milk over the carb drink option.
The milk appears to activate proteins that prevent protein breakdown, keeping both protein and muscle, and helps with recovery after exercise. In a following study, the researchers worked with 32 untrained subjects by having them cycle for an hour a day, five times a week for four and a half weeks.
One group got chocolate milk immediately after the workout, along with another one an hour later, the second group got the carb drink, with the third group being given a placebo, no cal beverage.
The experts examined maximum oxygen uptake, used as a way to gauge aerobic endurance – those who drank the chocolate flavored milk saw an increase in oxygen consumption, compared to those drinking the other two beverages.

Related image Those who drank the milk also showed a bigger lift in lean body mass as well as less body fat. The researchers were not even trying for a direct comparison of chocolate milk to sports drinks, and they recognize that sports drinks intended for use after a workout usually do have protein and are a good, healthy choice. The chocolate flavored milk given to the participants in the test has an optimum carb/protein mix compared to white milk – with around 11 grams of carbs, 4 g of protein as well as 2 g of fat per 100mls. The carb drink tested had 15 g of carbs, the same amount of fat but no protein.
The findings make sense to experts who reviewed the research but were not involved. They see no surprise that the low fat chocolate milk won out against the other two options tested, and points out that protein shakes aren’t the answer either since carbs are so important to the recovery process.
So, how much chocolate milk should you have when you’ve finished your workout? That depends on the intensity of your workout and your weight. Around 8 – 16 ounces are a good starting point. If you’re 120 pounds and have just completed a light workout, don’t go above 120 calories. If your exercise was high intensity, the number of calories can be up to double your weight – about 240. For an average intensity workout, the suggestion is for around half of the calories burned.