Combination Front Door Lock

A well-built combination front door lock offers a mechanical, keyless, and weather-resistant point of entry, with a simple touch control open up.

A mechanical lock of this design eliminates all concerns of accidental lockouts; potential key loses, and there is no need to be worried with copied or duplicated keys. An entry number code, often 3 or 4 digits can be added, deleted, or altered with ease by property owner as often as required.

A combination lock is programmed to accept numerous code numbers, so no problem with larger families or small office premises, and a high level of security is available due to 1000s of possible code combinations. Click this article.

These door handle and lock units come in a vast array of finishes and colors to blend with most existing decor set-ups, with antique brass, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and polish brass amongst the common choices on offer.

Popular features seen with these locking systems include an illuminated touchpad for ease in nighttime entry, a metal key over-ride option, as well as a warning alarm as a result of repeated false entries, which often sounds after 3 or more incorrect attempts.

A lock of this nature is perfect suited for both light residential applications, such as a private front door to commercial premises in constant use. Electric editions of these locks are also freely available, and these run on long-term batteries.

A quality combination lock offers a straightforward solution for locking a front door with the extra benefit of keyless operation, and that eliminates a need to carry or fumble with a bunch of keys.