Pain Relief Patches – Intro

Manage your own pain, at home, inexpensively and without additional drugs. Put magnetic therapy to work to relieve your pain – quickly and simply. Acupatch magnetic patches offer an all natural method of stimulating pain relief. Applied to acupuncture points and directly to the area affected by pain Provides fast, effective and extended pain relief .

Today millions of people all over the world have to live with constant pain and rather than reaching for the pain killers, it’s becoming increasingly popular to consider alternative options for natural pain relief. Especially since taking pain killers regularly can lead to uncomfortable side effects such as stomach problems, nausea, dizziness and even addiction.Check This Out on

Dr Sarah Brewer who has a special interest in natural health, as demonstrated in her book Healing with Magnetic Therapy says: “Natural remedies are becoming an increasingly popular option. People are becoming more aware of the alternatives that can be used to treat common ailments and that prove effective and affordable. For those on conflicting medications and those looking to avoid the side effects of prescription medicines, a natural alternative can offer new hope.”

Acupatch magnetic patches contain no drugs and are a completely natural method of providing pain relief. Each patch consists of a high purity zinc coated 2,000 gauss magnet encased by foam for comfort, a layer of copper and a hypoallergenic self-adhesive plaster which is both waterproof and breathable. The patches can be applied directly to acupuncture points as well as the area afflicted by pain and use magnetic therapy, which is thought to stimulate the body’s pain relief mechanism, releasing endorphins that are the body’s natural pain killers.

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