All about Vegan Chocolate Recipes   

Hot chocolate, the real stuff, doesn’t come in a powder. Instead, it’s a rich, creamy drink made to be savored and served with elegance. You can make a big splash at your next dinner party or gathering by serving up this ancient treat in style, dazzling guests with its decadent flavor.Come watch and join us at vegan chocolate recipes.
The gourmet variety chocolate drink is one that’s been perfected over the course of literally hundreds of years. The drinking of chocolate, in fact, dates back to ancient central and south Americans. To get the real deal in a drink for that’s gourmet, you’ll need to purchase the best in chocolates. Take care in choosing the chocolate for your drink. French or other imported dark or even unsweetened chocolate work well. The best chocolate, of course, makes the best drinks.
Once you’ve decided upon your chocolate base, you’ll need fresh heavy cream, sugar if you’ve gone the unsweetened chocolate route and vanilla, real vanilla, not the fake stuff. Anything but the best will not do if you’re trying to make gourmet drinking chocolate.
Now, get a double boiler and carefully melt about one ounce of the chocolate. You’ll want to take care in this process to make sure you don’t burn the chocolate. If using a sweetened gourmet type of chocolate, you won’t need to add any sugar. If not, add a few tablespoons to flavor. Once that’s done, mix the chocolate with about two cups of heavy cream. If the cream overpowers the chocolate, melt a little more and whisk the combination together.
With the chocolate and cream carefully blended, serve in delicate cups. A chocolate pot can be used for serving to add a flair for the dramatic, and even traditional. The drinking of gourmet chocolates is an art form in Europe where fine porcelain makers specialize in creating pots and cups to add elegance to the tradition. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the types of chocolate in your drink or flavorful additives. Mint, for example, can be a refreshing addition to this gourmet drink as can fresh whipped cream, cinnamon sticks and other side touches.